How to make easy roll up yellow rose cupcakes

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I am not the worlds greatest cake decorator and I don’t think I’ll ever be. But I do like to make my cakes look nice and this is a very easy way to top cupcakes.

So you can turn your plain cupcakes into something like this

First you need to take a small piece of roll out fondant icing and roll a sausage shape.

Then flatten it out with your fingers.

 Then release the icing from the board with a palette knife

Then roll the icing up working the spiral backwards and forwards to give the random petal effect.

So it should look like this.

 To make it easy to stand on your cupcakes slice the end of the roll with your palette knife.

 Here’s a set of roses ready to top cupcakes.

Here’s my eldest’s decorations for his cupcakes.
Then attach to your cupcakes with a little glace icing in any colour you want. 

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  1. This is ace! I feel like maybe my mind shouldn't have been quite as blown as it is by the revelation of how to make those roses. It seems like common sense now I know, but if you'd asked me to guess before I read this I wouldn't have had the foggiest! Lightbulb moment or what?!


    (Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum)

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