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Scrapbooking is something I am fairly new to. At first it didn’t appeal to me as I have always enjoyed just sticking my photos in albums. But with the dawn of the digital photo, we seem to be doing that less and less. Often looking at the photos straight away, storing them on the computer and rarely looking at them again.

That is when scrap booking started to speak to me. Especially now I have children, it’s a way to savour those special memories, combined with mementos or little stories, they are the things we want to get out and look at as a family.

Scrapbooking – holiday page

So, I thought I’d share a more unusual page with you first. It does not feature any people and to start with you may wonder why. I will explain, my husband loves to take photos of the places we stay, the room, the bbq, the pool etc. When we had the photos in albums these were the ones I would just flick by, but they do serve a great purpose in evoking the memory of a special place when treated in such a special way.
Here’s how I did it.

  1. First I chose a background page that fitted with the theme. For this page I chose a seaside themed paper with sea shells on it, as the holiday was by the sea.
  2. Then I collected all the pictures of the villa my husband had took and cropped them down into various sized squares to highlight special features such as the arched door by the pool or the palm.
  3. I then arranged them on the page and fixed them with double sided. It’s my favorite way of sticking as you don’t get messy.
  4. Then I picked out some co-ordinating papers and punched some squares out and added them to the page.
  5. I used 3d card numbers and letters in co-ordinating colours to spell out the destination and year we went.
  6. Finally I wrote out ‘our villa’ in lettering stickers to finish off the page.

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