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This is the first time I’ve ever published my stats. I have always enjoyed having a read of other bloggers stats and seeing what they were doing each month. This month I decided to put some life back into my blog. It had been dwindling by the side for a while now as I focused on other projects. For March my goal was to make more effort with my blog and have more fun doing it. As I felt I had lost the passion for blogging.

I feel I have definitely had more fun in writing my blog and hope to continue with improving it over the next few months. So to share with you and to keep me motivated I thought I would review March and set myself some goals for April.

Stats for March:
Page views 7,327
Twitter followers 3052
Pinterest followers 1035
Facebook likes 228
Instagram followers 781
HIBs ranking 330 out of 2500.

Top posts
Baileys bread and butter pudding recipe
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I also contributed to the uniball blog on encouraging creativity in children.

I think my blog stats wobbled over March as I changed my domain to and this may well change again as someone pointed out to me most of my readers are from the USA and therefore I should go with .com instead.
Overall I am happy with my stats and I have enjoyed doing more reviews this month.

April goals:

  • Focus on raising Instagram followers to 800, remember to post once a day as consistency seems to really pay off with Instagram
  • Look back over old posts, bin those that are poor quality and update and promote good ones.
  • Aim to do three reviews in the month.
  • Blog every other day.
  • Change to .com domain.
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