Vintage caravan photo booth

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Since having kids I have been more and more interested in how I can make money from staying at home. I only work part time teaching now. I have set up my Etsy shop and run my blog which generates a small income. However it isn’t enough to stay permanently at home and hubby and I decided we would like to do something together. So Vintage Lens Hire was born and we are embarking on the journey of restoring and running a Vintage caravan photo booth.

vintage caravan photo booth

Meet Betty.

This is something we have talked about for a while so with £400 in hand we bid on many, many caravans on Ebay. Missing out on so many of them at the last minute. Until we won Betty, who happily ended up being just down the road.

vintage caravan photo booth

She is a Vintage 1960’s Bailey Caravan. What we loved about her was the wide windows at the front and back. Which allow lots of natural light in, making it great for photos. She also has a spilt style barn door and lovely retro shaping to the roof.

vintage caravan photo booth

A sorry state.

I’m not one to gloss over the truth of the matter. You get what you pay for. She is very old and very tired. But not without merits and will look great when she is restored. So she’s gone off to have all the rotten wood replaced inside and have a new paint job outside. Then she’ll be returning to us so we can decorate her ready to be up and running for Easter 2018.

vintage caravan photo booth

Vintage caravan photo booth Updates.

I will endeavour to keep you updated on Betty’s progress. I am currently building the website, but you can also keep track via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

vintage caravan photo booth

Interested in Booking the restored Betty for your function in 2018? Leave your details here and I’ll get back to you with great Early bird booking deals.

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Vintage caravan photo booth
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Vintage caravan photo booth
So Vintage Lens Hire was born and we are embarking on the journey of restoring and running a Vintage caravan photo booth.
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