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As my kids have got older I have looked at ways to entertain them and their friends at their birthday parties. This year my eldest turns nine and although he still loves pass the parcel etc. He would like to do something a bit different with his friends at his birthday. So we thought we might try out a throwing a decorate t shirt party.

Decorate plain white t shirt

We have done a trial run to test it out, before we launch into doing it at the party. So both my eldest and youngest had a go the previous rainy Sunday. We started with plain white t-shirts from River Island, as this gave a fresh base for colours to be applied.

What to decorate t shirt with?

As a textiles teacher I had loads of bits in my craft stash for the boys to try decorating their t-shirts with. So I created a little decorate a t-shirt kit. In the kit I included:

  • Fabric markers,
  • Crayons for fabric,
  • Fabric paints,
  • Pom poms,
  • Sequins,
  • Fabric glue.
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decorate t shirt kit

Ways to decorate t-shirt

Both boys chose different routes for decorating their t-shirts. The youngest favoured the paints, followed by immense pom pom application, with the look of a spiny dinosaur in mind. Where as the eldest favoured the fabric markers and the fabric crayons. As he wanted to do more illustrative designs. He drew his favourite things, so there was lego and Pokemon included. He found the fabric pens easier to work with than the crayons.

decorate t shirt with paint

Top tips when decorating T-shirt

  • Have some card to insert in between the t-shirt so the design doesn’t ruin the other side.
  • Use light coloured t-shirts so you get the best colours.
  • Choose fabric markers for quick and less mess application.
  • Read instructions on fabric paints and crayons as some require washing or ironing to fix the design in place.
  • Put a cover down and wear something old as you don’t want to ruin furnishings and clothes with the paints and pens. They don’t wash out!

decorate t shirt with crayons

So will we use this activity at our next party? Probably, the boys had great fun and they love having something truly unique to wear that they made. My advice would be to keep this to a small party where only a few very special friends are invited.

Need some more inspiration for a decorate your own t-shirt party? Check out my Pinterest Board.


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  1. Looks like fun! I always had problems on the last day of school where everyone does the ‘sign your shirt with a felt tip pen’ thing, cos if the inks sunk through to my skin, I tended to have an awful allergic reaction. (Yay skin allergies! Not! Lol.)


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  2. What a great idea for a party! I think I need to invest in some fabric pens and markers! Thanks again for linking it up to #KidsandKreativity, Kerry x

  3. What a fantastic idea!Something I would never have thought of. A Great way to keep the older ones entertained and its useful aswell.

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