How to make your own teacher gift

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This year is my youngest first year in school and therefor his first year of wanting to give a present to his teacher at Christmas. He is very crafty and wanted to do something extra special for his teacher. So we decided to make his own teacher gift this year and fill it with some treats.

how to make a teacher gift


We were sent these Rosey Nosey Rudolph Kraft bucket kits from little crafty bugs and they were the perfect make for my four year old. Simple enough that he could manage it on his own but made with quality materials so the final outcome looked really cool.

In the kit came:

  • The bucket made from thick cardboard with a satin finish and cross grain ribbon handle
  • Two large googly eyes
  • One large pom pom nose
  • Two reindeer antlers made from craft foam.

All we had to add was some craft glue and he was away.


I think the finished buckets look really cute and now eldest has one too for his teacher. The only problem is what to fill it with to make a thoughtful teacher gift.

Here are our suggestions for a great teacher gift:

teacher gift with mug and tea


How about a tea lovers one? Every teacher I know loves a good cuppa, grab a mug and some lovely tea bags and away your go.

teacher gift with baking supplies


Know that your kids teacher is a keen baker? How about some silicon baking cases, a mini rolling pin for icing and some icing pens.

Further great teacher gift ideas

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teacher gift rosey nosey Rudolph

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  1. Really great idea! My daughter has just started school and I have no clue what to do about buying gifts for her teachers! It also doesn’t help that she has 2 teachers and 2 TA’s so it could be quite pricey! 🙂


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