How to have a gluten free vegetarian Christmas

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Since my diagnosis of Coeliac disease nearly three years ago. Christmas has always been a bit of a sad time for me, food wise. Gifts of boxes of biscuits and chocolates I can’t eat. The nightmare of buffets and people not knowing what to feed you when you visit. Add into that being a vegetarian and the invitations seem to cease. The main struggle I have found is that there hasn’t been much on the market that suits both being a vegetarian and needing to eat gluten free. Yet good things are on the horizon for this year. So I’ve rounded up my favourites so you can have a great gluten free vegetarian to have a great gluten free vegetarian christmas

Gluten free Vegetarian Snacks

gluten free vegetarianWho doesn’t love chips and dip? They are a great addition to a party  buffet or to have when friend pop round for a drink at Christmas. These Food Should Taste Good, Corn chips which come in multi grain and blue corn. They are great robust chips for holding dip and have immense flavour. Hubby favours the multi grain and I love the blue corn which is good then we don’t have to share! Available from Tesco’s £2.19gluten free vegetarian

These would be great with my hummus for snacking and sharing. So much better than shop bought and so easy to whip up in a matter of minutes.

Or how about these moreish Simple bakes. Half way between crisp and cracker. Hubby and I love nothing more than munching on savoury snacks with a movie late night over Christmas.

Cooking Gluten free Vegetarian

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the ingredients you cook with if your cooking for someone who is a gluten free vegetarian this Christmas. Check the labels and look out for animal products and wheat / barley /rye products.

If your cooking with oils this year, perhaps making a tasty dressing or sauce. Why not make them as healthy as possible and opt for a superfood oil like these Olive and Chia oils from Andean Sol.gluten free vegetarian oil

Christmas day Gluten free Vegetarian dinner.

For me Christmas dinner is all about the veggies, but I do love a nut roast. I’m cooking a Salmon for the rest of the family this year, so I was really pleased to spot these nut roasts in Aldi made with gluten free bread crumbs. Aldi are really stepping up their game with their gluten free range and they are not over priced like many supermarkets. Grab these for £3.49 for two.

gluten free vegetarian nut roast
Gluten Free Vegetarian treats

Asda are also going great on their Gluten free treats this Christmas, so I just had to grab myself a box of these shortbread cookies. Previous years I have been really cheesed off with getting ‘family’ presents of a box of biscuits I can’t eat. There is no excuses this year, don’t piss off the coeliac please.

gluten free vegetarian biscuits

My final pick is this beautiful Gluten Free Panettone. As soon as you open the box it smells like Christmas and what could be better with a cup of coffee after dinner. Or perhaps even with a pot of tea on Christmas morning?

I do hope you all have a lovely gluten free vegetarian Christmas. Please let me know if you’ve spotted some great buys this year. There’s always room in my cupboard!

how to have a great gluten free vegetarian christmas


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How to have a gluten free vegetarian Christmas
There hasn't been much on the market that suits both. So I've rounded up my favourites so you can have a great gluten free vegetarian Christmas. 
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  1. Great tips here, it must be tough finding the right foods but you’ve got such a great selection here x #blogstravaganza

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