A guide to passive income

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Don’t be fooled into thinking passive income means making money from do nothing. I can’t think of anyway of making money from doing absolutely nothing. However passive income can be a way of making money from doing things you already do. Or with a little input at the start, the potential is that you can make money for ever after from it. Confused? I’ll hopefully break it down for you and give you a range of things you could do.

Please be aware passive income does not make a massive part of my income. It comes in drips and drabs but it’s a nice extra on top of the other ways I make money.

Passive income blogging.

If your reading this post chances are you have a blog as well. I know bloggers love to read these kind of posts. So apologies if I’m telling you things you may already know. Hopefully there will be something you don’t already do and you can use it to make a little extra cash.

Affiliate marketing.

By signing up to various affiliate marketing sites and using their ads and links when I’m already writing about products I use and enjoy is a no brainier. People click on the links and if they buy it I get a small payment. Literally only pence but every little helps.

I’m currently signed up with amazon associates and awin. However there are loads more that may or may not suit your niche.

Commission junction



Trade Doubler 

It’s also worth checking the sites you already use for your blog such as your host (Mine is Siteground) or tools you use such as Social Oomph, have an affiliate program.


Already posting great videos to enhance your blog posts. Make sure you’ve monetised your youtube site and that you have enabled adsense.

Creative passive income

This is where I have made most of my passive income from. From my time as an art and design student I had lots of art work in sketchbooks and as digital files. So I first tried uploading some the fabric supplier Spoonflower. I managed to sell some designs almost immediately and was so pleased I looked for other sites to sell my design work on. Now I have stores on these print on demand sites:





Plus I sell fabric in Woven Monkey and Prinfab.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are always new print on demand sites cropping up. It’s worth looking at the commission rates and ownership rights of your designs carefully before you start.


I also create cross stitch patterns, which I already did as a hobby. Now I sell them via Etsy and Craftsy. They automatically renew themselves and because they are digital I could potentially sell millions of them (fingers crossed). You could easily do this is sewing and knitting patterns or templates, printables or instructions.


passive income photography

This is an area of passive income I am hoping to set up this year. Now I have a new DSLR I am hoping to continue building up my stock photography and sell them via Shutterstock and Istockphoto.

Educational passive income

Have things to your want people to learn from. Whether that’s your story or instructions or tutorials. Why not create an ebook or develop a course that people can pay to subscribe to. You could either do it via your blog using payhip or create a patreon account and people can pledge to support you creating your great content.

Other forms of passive income

If you already use a credit card make sure you pick one that offers cashback.

Vicky from the www.thegrowingmum.com agrees with me.

Cashback everytime I use my debit card to pay by contactless. It is always a nice surprise earner at the end of the month

Elle from www.elfeelgoodsvintage.uk

Investing is a good one, I have some premium bonds and have won a couple of times. However, using the likes of Quidco & TopCashBack is my main one as I’m shopping anyway so getting cashback is certainly a bonus!

Vicky from www.mummaandhermonsters.com

Google offer all their phone users an app (google rewards) to get free google play credit for doing surveys related to their YouTube and play store activity

Emma from www.emmadrew.info

I’ve got an e-course that provides a great passive income, and I’ve just prelaunched my second one to my mastermind group before it fully launches next month. I’ve also got an investment property and have written a book

Sarah from www.lifeinabreakdown.com

A few years ago I was given £50 to play around with in peer to peer lending I knew nothing about it and just put it into an investment and left it there, I check it every now and again and it’s getting to double what it was, yes it’s slow but then it was only £50 but it shows that even a little can grow over time

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This post contains affiliate links. To find out more please read my advertising and disclosure policy.

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A guide to passive income
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A guide to passive income
Don't be fooled into thinking passive income means making money from do nothing. However passive income can be a way of making money from doing things you already do. Or with a little input at the start, the potential is that you can make money for ever after from it.
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  1. I have just started to use my blog to make money with ads and amazon. I haven’t made much so far but even a little bit helps as I use it to save up for Christmas which means I don’t have to panic too much about where the money comes from. It’s the same with sites like Quidco – they do work if you use them well. Thanks for the tips.

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      Yes, I use Illustrator, but previously I have used free programs like gimp and inkscape as well. It is fab to wear something that I have designed the fabric for. I do commissions to!

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  2. These are some great ideas! I am on Zazzle and I love it. I’ve seen sales increase over the past year and it can add up quickly. Plus it’s not something that takes up a huge chunk of my week so that’s a bonus. #DreamTeam

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      I’ve been slow and steady on zazzle. The thing I’m not so keen on is the payment threshold, where as redbubble pay every sale.

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