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These days, I have so much of my life stored digitally. Thousands of photos and videos. Documents and spreadsheets, that I would be lost without. Not only from my blogging, but from my teaching work too. Thirteen years of resources and lesson plans that I would be gutted to loose. Which is why I am a keen champion of backing up. So I thought I’d offer you the chance to save yourself from the insanity of loosing something precious or vital and you can keep a backup with this great Pendrive giveaway.

Not only do I have copies of my work on my home PC, my laptop and my work PC. But I also have it all backed up on an external hard drive as well. You may think it’s excessive. But I’ve been through the panic of trying to find something at the last minute and it seemingly seems to have vanished into thin air!

Bonus top tip!

Make sure you name all your files and photos when you create them. It makes it so much easier to find what you need! So you can see why I might love having lots of options for saving my work. My pencil case at work also has a memory stick in it for emergencies.

PenDrive Giveaway Details

 IOS Flash Drive 128GB USB 3.0 Memory Stick with Inductive Touch Head,Lightning Connector Ready for iPhone iPad Android and PC, Auanoz External Storage Memory Stick (Silver) 

Worth £46.99

‘3 in 1 USB Flash Drive.  It has a soft pen tip so that you can use it as a stylus on your iPhone, iPad or any other touch screen devices. 360 ° rotating USB flash drive, 128GB of external memory

Directly plugs into your lightning port and USB port; experience up to 80 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing speed with USB port.

Take it with you everywhere to instantly save up more space, letting you enjoy more content.’


You can enter multiple times using the entry options shown. The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter and craftwithcartwright will contact you to send the prize. Full terms and conditions can be found in the widget.
One IOS Flash Drive 128GB– no monetary exchange available

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Contest is open until Midnight Wednesday 13th June

Distribution of prizes is the responsibility of Craft with Cartwright
Craft with Cartwright cannot be held responsible for lost prizes
All winner decisions are final – the winner has 48 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn
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  1. I would be gutted to loose our family history files including the family tree which has taken many years of work by a number of different family members

  2. I sadly already lost lots of pictures and videos from when my precious daughter was born, was devastated as only some could be recovered. Poignant videos of her first days were all gone. Many thanks for this really useful review and giveaway.

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  3. Hi Ruth. I’m a compulsive backer-upper too. I have a double external hard drive back up system, and back my whole laptop, monthly to both. The thing I did lose , between back ups was 3weeks of accounts and product photos when Microsoft reset my ‘schedule update’ instructions on one update, so my laptop ypdated and crashed last summer. It was a time consuming, costly and extremely sweary few months whilst I tried to make it so it’d never happen again. Another drive woukd be wonderful. Thanks for the chance

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  4. I do my best to keep backups of the important stuff. But the iphone connector on this gadget makes me realise that there are photos on the phone which are probably not backup up. I definitely need to be more careful there.

    (oh, and seriously? there’s 128 GB on that little thing?? Wow. Am I showing my age to admit that my first hard disk was only 80 megabytes?

  5. I have nearly 200 photos of my vow renewal on my laptop completely vulnerable because I haven’t backed them up so I need to rectify this asap as I would be so upset to lose them.

  6. That would be all my photos, I’d be so upset if I lost them all. Thanks for this very useful giveaway.

  7. I don’t think I have anything on this laptop that matters, but I know in the past we’ve lost only copies of photos. My dad is very hot on backing everything up, but I’m not so good at it.

  8. We’ve not long come back from a once n a lifetime trip to China, and we have so many photos and videos that remind us of all the people and places that we have encountered, definitely want to keep them safe. Then when the memories begin to dim with age, we’ll still be able to look back and recall the times that my wife and I have spent together

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  9. A home video I did of my little girl when she was learning to walk – I would be devastated if I had lost it!

  10. Photos of our girls when they were newborn :O( :O( that’s why I back everything up twice, like a lunatic!!

  11. Family photo’s as they represent so many memories from over the years. Family BBQ’s, parties, days out with the Grandchildren, school plays, holidays and so much more.

  12. Photographs of my family – difficult to see them all together now – these really help maintain my memories!

  13. Family photos, which are backed up in about 3 places. But also all my work files, I must have 1000s of design files which I couldn’t bare to lose.

  14. All the old pictures I have of my family that I scanned in from old photographs that have since been lost to floods. Good thing I backed them up when I did

  15. Without a doubt I’d be most gutted to lose my photographs. This has happened before on an old laptop and it was not a nice feeling. ?

  16. id be absolutely gutted if i lost the precious pics of our children especially when they were first born!
    Also all my private docs that help with financing ect.

  17. My youngesta milestone pics,
    She is 1 next month and I’m making a collage of a photo of her from every month of her life x

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