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Did you know it’s happily married week this week? I didn’t either until a colleague of mine mentioned it to me this morning. It occurred to me then, that not only am I happily married but I have been for fourteen years this year. Yet in my mind my wedding seems so fresh. I spent a lot of time and effort into making it my dream wedding. Given then chance I would love to do it again. Perhaps in eleven years I can convince hubby that we should renew our vows. In the meantime I will have to live through the joys of others uniting their love. So I thought I’d share my dream wedding guide today, so you too can be happily married from the very start.


Be realistic from the very start about what you can afford. It’ll save a lot of stress and arguments if you do. No one like to argue over money.


Once you’ve set a budget you need to start planning. Keeping a journal or setting up a pinterest board are good ways to keep track of all your ideas and inspiration.


Can be a huge part of your budget. Think carefully about who you really want there with you when you celebrate your special day. Don’t get bullied by parents or future in laws into inviting half their club. If they aren’t paying they don’t get a say.


Once you know how many guests you are inviting you can look at venues to fit the number. There are so many great  Bijou Venues out there to choose from. There is something to suit every style and budget.

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Are you having a church or civil ceremony? Which ever you choose you need to make sure you follow the rules and regulations for each type. You may have to have meetings with your vicar or minster. Or you make have to check that your venue has a licence to perform weddings. You don’t want to end up disappointed on your big day.


So you have a venue and you’ve invited guests. Now you’ve got to make sure that everyone looks fabulous. There is no need to break the bank on this either. Many brides spend a small fortune on their dress only for it to be never worn again. You can feel as much of a the prefect bride without having to re-mortgage the house in doing so. Look at off the peg dresses rather than made to measure. Or consider renting or a vintage dress for a cool look that no one else will have.

Same goes for the men’s outfits. The best root is renting, with many great high street places offering to fit from the smallest page boy up to the portly grandfathers. For relativity small amounts of money.

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If at all possibly go with a photographer who has been personally recommended to you. If you can look at their previous work and love it all the better. You don’t want to find after the big day the photos are rubbish. Why not also include some fun photography alternatives, like a selfie station or a photo booth?

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Are you both wearing rings? Do you do jobs that use your hands? If you do you may want to choose a metal that is more hard wearing. Golds can be rather soft and can mark easily. There are so many options available from the high street. Or go bespoke and commission something extra special as a permanent reminder of your big day.

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Choose a cake that fits the size of the guest list. It might be tempting to order a five tier extravaganza but if half of eat wont be eaten, you’re throwing money down the drain. Or choose something different like a cheese cake and serve it after the puddings.

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Choose seasonal and keep it in keeping with your overall theme. If you can source flowers from friend or relatives even better.

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Finally transport. Consider how far you have to travel. If you’re having everything all under one roof. Do you even need transport. Plus if you want vintage vehicles, many have restrictions on how far they travel, due to reliability issues.

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