9 Great Outdoor Games

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The summer holidays are nearly upon us and I for one hope this warm weather lasts. It’s so much easier to make the days pass enjoyably when you get can outside with the kids. What I don’t want is rain and their endless requests for screen time. So fingers crossed it’s a long summer. These are some of mine and fellow bloggers favourite outdoor games.

Our favourite outdoor games

Sticky ball is a big favourite in our house hold. Easy to take with you and great for little ones who can’t yet catch. Get a couple of sets and watch the madness unfold.

If you are looking to get a bit of peace and want the kids occupied for a while, one of my favourites is an animal / dinosaur safari. Basically hide and seek but with plastic toys.


A classic from my childhood and having a revival is swingball. Even if you have no one else to play with you can use this. Get them into tennis and Wimbledon with the fun outdoor game.

Scavenger hunts and treasure hunts are easy to make and can be taken with you on days out.

My hubby and I often like to pick up the rackets and have a game of badminton in the cooler evenings. Easier to master than tennis, the boys have picked up on our enjoyment of the game. The youngest hasn’t yet got the hang of it but does love to retrieve the shuttlecock when it goes off at a dodgy angle.

Other bloggers favourite outdoor games

Sara from jodhpurs for maisie recommends Quoits

‘We bought a quoits set at a jumble sale, it is brilliant fun for everyone from children to grandparents.’

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Rebecca from My Girls and Me recommens rounders and I have to aggree.

‘Rounders! In the sun or rain, its my favourite game ever!’

One I’ve never heard of before but looks great Is Victoria from Lylia Rose‘s recommendation.

Just recently we got a Sticky Wicky and it’s fast become a favourite outdoor game! It’s like cricket, but if you miss hitting the ball then it’s velcro and sticks to the sticky wicky behind meaning you’re out! The kids love it and I’ve really enjoyed having a go too!’

Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures has the perfect suggestion for on the go.

Getting some chalk and playing hopscotch’

We also like to chalk race tracks and targets, so many possibilities and it washes off later.

Whatever games you choose to play. I hope you get to enjoy the outdoors and have a wonderful summer of fun.

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