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If you’re a regular reader you will know we are big fans of the brick in our house. So when we were offered the chance to visit Legoland Windsor to Review it for 365 Tickets we jumped at the chance. This is our very honest opinion about what we loved and loathed about our day out.

In fairness it must be said we chose to visit Legoland on Bank holiday Saturday. So with this is mind we set of on the two and half hour car journey early in the morning. Aiming to get there for the park opening. We got there just after and were pleased to get fairly close to the entrance to park. A short walk and a bag search later we were in!

The boys could hardly contain themselves and after picking up a map. We headed down to the Land of the Vikings.

Considering the park had only been open an hour the queue times were already heading for 40 minutes on most rides. So we opted to get in line for pirate falls quickly. The youngest was just tall enough to go on and we were all excited for the boys to go on their first log flume.

We waited about 30 minutes in the end and the ride was great fun. The look on the youngest face was amazing in the photo at the end!

We then went to Knights kingdom and walked to the castle to go on the dragon ride, but were disappointed to find it was closed. So a stop off at the castaway camp playarea for the boys to have a run around and for hubby and I to drink our coffee.

After studying the map, eldest opted to head to the Ninjago World. There were a few things to play on outside, such as the climbing wall.

But the main attraction was the Lego Ninjago ride. The queue time said 50 minutes. So hubby suggested we should get in before it got any longer and stop for lunch after. I really wish we hadn’t. It took us over two hours to get to the ride.

I tried using the app to get updates on queue times, but it kept saying I had no internet access, when I clearly did. The ride was disappointing 4D experience, with little puffs of air and a hand swipe game which the kids found hard to get working and then felt disappointed about their scores. It lasted no more than ten minutes max.

I was fuming by the time we came out. So we had our picnic and by chance were walking through Heartlake city just as the Pirate show started. It was brilliant. The kids were awestruck at the stunts, jets ski’s and high dives were amazing. It was well worth watching and we would all recommend you see it.

By now we’d been at the resort for over five hours and considering how long the rides had taken we asked the boys what their priorities were, as we knew we would get to do it all. The eldest wanted his driving licence and the youngest wanted to go to Duplo valley. Hubby wanted to look at mini land and I was happy to go with the flow.

After learning our lesson in the Ninjago queue. We separated and I took the eldest to wait for the driving school and hubby took the youngest off for a snack and another wee stop.

The eldest turned out to be a very careful driver and tootled around the course trying to avoid all the crashes. Then proudly got his license. Without a photo, as this naturally was extra. We’re going to stick one on and laminate it at home.

Duplo Valley had to be our favourite bit of the resort. By this time there was only two hours remaining of opening. The queue times had gone down and we managed to pack lots in. They loved the puppet show in the Duplo theatre.

We all loved fairy tale brook whcih incorporated lots of our favourite book characters in the ride.

We also manged to get on the Duplo valley airport and the Duplo train. Which the youngest got to sit in the front of.

Then it was a whirlwind race around Miniland. The boys were unimpressed with the models, but hubby and I loved seeing all the sights on a small scale.

By the time we left Miniland the park was shut and we passed things that the boys would have loved to have gone on. Perhaps 6pm in August is a little early to shut?

Overall fun was had, but we were all extremely tired from the day and when we toted it up we’d spent at least 75% of the day stood in a queue. This didn’t stop the boys from raving about it and the youngest even asking if it had all been a dream the next morning!

Legoland Windsor Review Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do get there when the park opens
  • Do take a picnic
  • Do prioritise what you really want to see
  • Do wear comfortable shoes
  • Don’t rely on the queue times being accurate
  • Don’t let your kids have a drink before getting in a queue!
  • Don’t fall for all the additional price games. Most were over priced and the prizes were rubbish.
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Legoland windsor review
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Legoland windsor review
If you're a regular reader you will know we are big fans of the brick in our house. So when we were offered the chance to visit Legoland Windsor to Review it for 365 Tickets we jumped at the chance. This is our very honest opinion about what we loved and loathed about our day out.
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  1. I’m loving #AdventureCalling this month, this is another really useful post as we want to do Legoland at some point and your honest opinion and tips are great, and I think we’ll aim to avoid bank holiday! Glad the kids enjoyed it regardless. Type 2 fun for you!!

  2. Although I’m sorry you had that crazy queue, I’m so glad I’m not the only annoyed parent! We had to go in August (on a week day) as my older son chose it as his birthday treat. He had no expectations and loved it but I was disappointed by the inaccurate queue times. I think too many people had those queue jumping tickets which meant the queues barely moved. We had to give up on one ride after queuing for nearly an hour. We’ll be going in winter next time!

    1. Post

      We have been in winter as well. Yes the queues are smaller, but you are right. Those q bots make the process a lot slower for those that can’t afford an additional cost.

  3. I love an honest review. and I totally agree with you! We went in the school holidays and probably picked the hottest, busiest day of the year. I think we managed 4 rides, the pirate show and a very packed water park experience! But like you say, to the kids it is magical so if they’re happy, I’m happy! Extortiate prices for extras though so definitely take a picnic! #MummyMonday

  4. What a shame that a few elements detracted from your overall experience. I’m a big Lego nerd myself and our nearly 5 year old is going the same way so we’ll have to visit at some point but we’ll definitely bear in mind the drawbacks. Thanks for joining #adventurecalling we’ll be back open in the morning for more new posts.

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