Cosy Living Room ideas for Autumn and Winter 

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The living room is the heart of any good family home, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be perfect all year round. Spending a lot of time and money to make your room warm and toasty seems tempting, but if you’d rather handle the changing weather on your own terms, this list of cosy living room ideas for Autumn and Winter might give you the inspiration you need. 


Bring people together

A small room is a cosy room, but you can make a large living room feel smaller by packing furniture closer together. Putting all your chairs in a semicircle around a table or television is a simple way to make daily activities or family gatherings a bit more compact, and the body heat of the people next to you will keep you warm even if the heating’s turned down. 

Keep it temporary

Autumn and Winter are only one half of the year, so the cold weather won’t be around forever. It can be really tempting to make some permanent changes to your garden, but always look for temporary options first: modular products like Amtico’s tile flooring can be taken apart and stored for later, and DIY insulation can be made out of whatever materials you won’t need until next year. 

Mess around with your lighting

If you want to make a room feel warmer, there’s only really two ways the lights can be set up: the room is either bright all over, or dark with minimal lighting. Candles or lanterns can create very warm, intimate lighting late at night, and the extra heat can make a properly-insulated room nice and toasty. 

 Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

Candles might be too romantic for your tastes, but there are other ways to mess with the lighting. Using a tinted lampshade or dimmer switch can make it much easier to control how bright the room is, which can make it much easier to change how the area looks and feels. 

Make a mini fireplace

A fireplace can be a big investment, especially if it burns real coal or wood. If you’ve got a small electric heater, you can make a much cleaner and easier alternative: just stand it on something heat-resistant and put something on either side to funnel the heat into the rest of the room. If your heater also lights up when it’s hot, you’ll be able to use it as another light source, too. 

Go informal

Keeping your furniture and decorations in an organised layout is practical, but it can sometimes feel really hollow. Put decorations in disorganised piles or try lining up your seating and tables at odd angles: this will make it feel much more natural and casual, like you’re crammed in a small cabin and using the space as best you can. 

Decorate the walls

There’s no need to wallpaper your living room in preparation for Autumn, but you’ve probably got plenty of pictures and souvenirs from summer that you can use to fill out the empty space. Even if you prefer the bare wallpaper, there’s something relaxing about snuggling up surrounded by holiday snaps and postcards. 

 Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Change your flooring

Your flooring isn’t just a design choice: it’s a big part of how insulated your home is, as well as how warm it’ll stay in Winter. Stone and smooth wood will make it easier for heat to leak out, even if you cover it up with rugs: carpet is a much better choice for keeping heat in, but you’ll need to adjust for the warmer summer weather later on. 

Commercial vinyl flooring can be a good compromise if you can find a style you’ll like: it’ll keep the temperature in your living room at an average level, and you won’t need to worry about paying to get it repaired or cleaned every few months. 

Soften your furniture

Wooden furniture is definitely stylish, but it’s not always the most comfortable option. Instead of replacing them or bringing in chairs from other parts of our house. Strap on some blankets or pillows to make them softer and more comfortable. 

 Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

You can also do this with your existing soft furniture. A sofa with a blanket across the top will always feel warmer and softer than one without it. 

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