Katie Moody Creative Corner Interview

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This weeks creative corner interviewee produces work that basically makes me want to buy it all. From beautiful prints that remind me of illustrations from childhood books to gorgeous stationary and stickers! I’m sure you’ll also love the work of Katie Moody.

1. Introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Katie, a designer and illustrator living in the South of England.

2. Tell us a bit about your business.

I’ve been doing freelance design since graduating from university in 2012 but only opened up my Etsy shop in June 2017. I create art prints, greetings cards and stationery, including memo pads and stickers. All the designs are hand drawn by me and my aim is put a smile on people’s faces when they receive their order!

3. What made you start your own business?

I wanted to start focusing on my love for illustration and this was a fantastic drive for me to do so. I love creating and it feels natural for me to create my own products and share them with the world.

4. Did you have any formal training or are you self-taught?

I have a degree in graphic design, but am self taught in illustration.

5. Explain your creative process.

I always start with a scribble in my sketchbook. I get my inspiration from everywhere – music, the world, the internet. I begin with rough sketches which I then refine, colour and scan in to my computer before creating the final design.

6. Describe your typical day.

I work as a designer at my day job, before coming home and spending the evening at my desk in my home office! I usually spend a bit of time on Twitter and Instagram, answer emails and then try to do something creative – usually grabbing my paints or a quick doodle in my sketchbook. This is how my product designs begin!

7. What’s your biggest seller?

Definitely my A4 bird print. I think it resonates with a lot of people’s childhood, just like my own!

8. What have been the high and low points of running your own business?

The high points would have to be getting the wonderful feedback from customers and knowing my art is being displayed in their homes – that’s crazy to me! The low points would have to be trying to juggle everything and putting too much pressure on myself. I’m learning that I can’t do everything and burnout isn’t worth it! I’m currently taking a break because of taking on too much, but I’ll be back posting on instagram and my blog soon!

9. What would be your top tips for running your own creative business?

Get involved with the community – there are so many other wonderful businesses and we all need to support each other. Have fun with what you do, because it’s a lot of hard work if you don’t love it!

10. What are your aspirations?

I’d love to do this full time one day, increase my product range and continue making for years to come.

11. Where can we find you?

My Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KatieMoodyArt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moodycat

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/katie_moody/

My blog: https://www.katiemoody.co.uk/blog/

Katie Moody Creative Corner Interview
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Katie Moody Creative Corner Interview
illustrations from childhood books to gorgeous stationary and stickers! I'm sure you'll also love the work of Katie Moody.
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