How cleaning got cool

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The first thing I need to admit is I don’t like cleaning. I really don’t, if I could spend my time doing other things I would. However I do like a clean home and this is just the way it is. I probably do 99% of the cleaning in our house. So it surprised me to see a sudden surge of people championing cleaning. The seemed in love with the process and all the paraphernalia that comes with it. The rise of a certain blogger has certainly helped the cause. So is this how cleaning got cool?

How cleaning got cool

It’s hard to deny everyone’s enthusiasm for cleaning currently. So I wondered if I should look at the tasks in hand in a new light.

Conveniently I had just been sent some new Andrée Jardin cleaning products to try out. The kitchen accessories  included an Ostrich Feather Duster, a blue Dust Pan Brush and a Washing Up Brush set.

It’s hard to deny the beauty of these products and I quickly got to work tackling the cobwebs in the corner and the dishes from the breakfast.

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Have I been converted into a cleaning fan? Hardly, I’m not about to rush off and empty the shelves of Zoflora but I can appreciate the tools of the trade and might feel inclined to feel a little happier about tackling the mess my family leave behind, when I’ve got a feather duster in my hand.

If not, I’ll have some lovely new things to use in my blogging photos!

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How cleaning got cool
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How cleaning got cool
The first thing I need to admit is I don't like cleaning. The rise of a certain blogger has certainly helped the cause. So is this how cleaning got cool?
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