DIY Monster Mason Jars

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Looking for a fun Halloween themed activity to do with the kids? The weather has led us to be indoors more than normal and the boys were bored with their usual activities. So we gathered together our craft supplies and grabbed two jars to make these fun DIY monster mason jars.

They are perfect for having on display in the run up to Halloween. Plus they will be fun to fill with different coloured snacks for the trick and treaters. After Halloween, why not change them up and use them for pencil pots or as a money jar.

How to make DIY monster Mason Jars.

The best monsters are made when I don’t interfere so I just laid out some supplies and left the boys and their imaginations run wild.

The supplies I put out were:

    • Bostik Foam pads
    • Two Jars (mason or others are just fine)
    • Pom poms and craft foam shapes
    • Shredded tissue paper
    • Tissue paper in a variety of monster colours
    • Googly Eyes
    • Bostik Blu sticks
    • Pipe cleaners
    • Bostik glitter pens

The youngest went for the crazy haired three eyed monster with a glittery face. The foam pads were perfect for him as he could easily stick the craft shapes on without the added sticky fingers.

The eldest went for a medusa inspired monster jar with green tissue paper hair and snake pipe cleaner head bands. I love the extra additon of eye ball nostils too.

What do you think?

Which DIY monster mason jar is your favourite?

Such an easy craft activity and the weirder and messier the better. Please share you pics with me on facebook and twitter if you have a go at your own monster jar make.

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DIY Monster Mason Jars
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DIY Monster Mason Jars
Looking for a fun Halloween themed activity to do with the kids? We grabbed two jars to make these fun DIY monster mason jars.
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