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Vintage Make up A to Z of Vintage

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Timeless classic beauty is something I think we would all like to master. Vintage Make up looks seem so elegant and flawless. I must admit both those things seem to escape me on a daily basis. But I hold out hope.

These are my top picks for hopefully achieving it.

Whenever I want to learn something, I try to get a book on the topic. Google is fab but sometime you need to have a book in your lap for sometime to really figure things out. Keep these by the mirror and practice your Vintage make up looks.


Vintage Make up prep

So, you’ve stepped out of the shower and you’ve picked your outfit.

Powder yourself down and feel like a silver screen goddess to get you ready.


Then keep your hair swept off your face with a dotty headband £5.95.

The classic looks all start with a flawless finish. Use a oil free BB cream £7.26 to even out your skin tone and give a matt finish. Plus if your like me and often have red cheeks. Grab a CC colour correcting cream £10.99 to knock back the red.

Vintage make up looks play on full glamour and highlight both the eyes and lips.

Give your lashes some extra length with reusable false lashes. These ones from the Vintage cosmetic company come in three different styles and cost £6.00

Then boost them with volume mascara £7.99 and add your flicks with eyeliner £4.66.

Love a palette? This vintage glams palette comes with primer, blush, eye shadow and lip colour. £6.30

Finally frame your eyes with well groomed brows. £3.63

No vintage make up look would be complete without a slick of red lipstick. This Emani hydrating lipstick is in colour ‘Promiscuous’ and is vegan, gluten and Paraben free. £19.00

Finally make sure you have your compact £13.64 to check your flawless finish when your out and your case £44.88 to store your make up safely.

Do you have a vintage make up top tip? I’d love to hear it.

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Vintage Make Up A to Z of Vintage
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Vintage Make Up A to Z of Vintage
Timeless classic beauty is something I think we would all like to master. Vintage Make up looks seem so elegant and flawless.
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