5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos

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I have a tattoo and for most of the time I am fine with it and rarely even give it a thought. However there have been occasions when I have wished it wasn’t there and it got me thinking about the different situations you can find yourself in and why you might not want your tattoo to be present. These are my 5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos.


For me, as a teacher I don’t want my tattoo to be seen. I feel it doesn’t sit well with the professional look I am conveying and I know it would be against the dress code policy for my school. This is fine for the most part of the year, as my tattoo is on my shoulder. But come the summer months, especially this year. When I couldn’t take my cardi off because of it’s placement. I really wished it wasn’t there.

Getting Married

I also chose to not make my tattoo a prominent thing at my wedding. I had, had it for six years by the time I was married. So most of my friends and family knew I had it. But it just didn’t sit with the look I was trying to pull off. So I opted for a beaded shrug, draped over my shoulders to hid it. This was fine in fact, because I was married in the winter and I needed extra layers to keep warm.

The sun

I love to hit the beach and have no problems with showing my tattoo on my bikini body. But the sun has other issues with it. Unless I keep it covered with total block, it reacts with the sun and all the lines raise in a itchy and unattractive way.

Poor choice

I am happy with my design even if, truth be told it is slightly wonky. But I have lots of friend who years down the line knew they made a poor choice in getting their tattoo and keep it covered at all times.

Worried over judgement

Everyone has had their stupid moments in their teens and early twenties. But got a tasteless phrase or picture emblazoned on your body? Not everyone does this. If you did and you’re worried people will judge you for your teenage mistakes, you may spend the rest of your life covering it up.

Fed up with the cover up?

For some the cover up may just get too tiresome and you decide that you want to quit he tattoo for good. You could consider laser tattoo removal and be rid of your past mistakes.

Do you cover up your tattoos?

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5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos
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5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos
The different situations you can find yourself in and why you might not want your tattoo to be present. These are my 5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos.
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Craft with Cartwright
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