How to beat the cold weather in style

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This time of year can be a nightmare to dress for. In and out of heated buildings. Rushing in the pre Christmas fashion. Braving the rain/snow/sleet and wind. It’s hard to know what to wear at any one time. Over the years I have perfected the transition from summer into Autumn. This is my strategy for how to beat the cold weather in style.


Layer up baby!

The Key to dressing right for this time of year is layering. You may think that layering involves looking like some over wrapped child, waddling in the snow. But it needn’t. The key is to choose lots of light layers. That can be interchanged, as you go from home, to the shops and back out in the storm.

This is my perfect outfit for beating the cold weather in style.  Created all from JD Williams.

In fact I love it so much I’ve worn it three times in the last week.

Here’s how I created the look.

Ankle boots.

I love a heel but in winter they don’t love me and I’ve fallen on my bum on the school run. So flats are where it’s at for me.

Skinny jeggings.

I love a pair of jeggings and they are my staple when I’m not at work. Layer them under a dress and you can even add tights if you really feel the cold.

Long sleeve dress.

The only way I could love this dress more is if it had pockets!

Waterfall cardi.

I live for cardi’s because you can show off what you’re wearing underneath. Great for throwing on and off as your temperature changes.

A big scarf

Scarves feature in my life all year round. This one is fab because it is light yet big. Perfect to tuck into all the chilly bits or wrap up a freezing child, when they’ve insisted they had dressed warm enough for the day.

Shop the look in JD Williams Black Friday Sale.

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