October Blogging Stats and November Goals

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October has been a busy month and I’ve been working hard to make my time working on my blog more profitable. It’s slow progress but there are good signs showing. I’m also really pleased that these moves I’ve been making havent affected my October blogging stats. In fact they’ve got better!


October blogging Stats.

Views 7878 really pleased with this!

Twitter followers 6270 up 81. I have been working on being more chatty on twitter, but I’ve had problems with social oomph.

Pinterest followers 1763 up 145 157.3k Monthly views are up by 120k! Since I started using Tailwind. I am yet to see if it really brings much traffic straight to the blog.

Facebook likes 982 up 36

Instagram followers 2207 down 43. Despite me using Planoly I have dropped followers. Not sure what I’ve been doing wrong?

HIBS 100 ranking 168 up 63 places.

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My October goals were:

To reduce my bounce rate.  This has stayed the exact same

Continue to grow Instagram I’d like another 250 followers by next month. This went out of the window. I lost followers instead.

To focus on getting more from my facebook page. I’ve been using conversation starters and a more structured way to scheduling to my page. It’s working well and I got higher engagement and new followers.

My November goals are

Just to stay on top of it all.

I’ll be happy if my stats stay the same as this month.

Work on my affiliate marketing

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