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Retro Christmas Decorations

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At Christmas hubby and I often get very nostalgic about the Christmas’s we had in our childhoods. Everything seemed much more magical, lights twinkled more and everything was a dazzling display of foil and tinsel and glitter. This is probably due to use being children of the 1980’s. This year I am throwing off the chic co-ordinated look and going all out with an explosion of retro Christmas decorations. These are my current top picks.

I do love bunting at any time of the year and I can’t help but love this Vintage Christmas bunting  £4.99
This wreath kind of looks like the contents of my Mum’s Christmas decorations box has just thrown up in a circle, but that’s why I like it.
‘A wonderful handmade mid century retro vintage kitsch Christmas wreath, ready to spread some smiles, chuckles and holiday cheer’ Grab the Vintage ornament wreath on Etsy.

The boys are older now, so I think I can start getting out the Antique glass ornaments  for the tree once again. I do love the beautiful reflective qualities of glass on the tree.

It must be my age but every year I have asked for a tea tray as a Christmas present. It just seems such a handy thing to have, when people are visiting. Despite me asking, no one has bought one. So this year I’m grabbing this Christmas tray as a present to myself. £15.29

Grown ups and children will all be delighted by this retro Christmas dolls shop
‘There’s a lot to see in this sweet Christmas shop, which is originally from Sweden and was made in the 1950s.’ £77.08

Every year we have a battle over what tops the tree. In my house we always had a Tinsel star £26.81 but in hubbies they always went for a fairy. Our compromise is two trees!

This fairy, £9.50 I swear is an exact copy of the one my mother in law still gets out every year. Knowing my luck we’ll inherit it and then the fairy verses star battle will continue.
My final retro Christmas decoration is one I have been planning on adding to our lounge for the past couple of Christmases. How fab will the presents look stacked on this vintage wooden sledge! £35.00. As if just pulled in from the snowy night.

‘This wonderful vintage wooden sledge is the ideal decoration for the festive period. A blue metal sleigh with wooden flat seating dating to the 1960/70s this sledge is still in good sturdy working order and could be used on snow days!’

What was your favourite retro Christmas decoration form your childhood?

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Retro Christmas Decorations
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Retro Christmas Decorations
This year I am throwing off the chic co-ordinated look and going all out with an explosion of retro Christmas decorations. These are my current top picks.
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