Vintage Quilts A to Z of Vintage

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The older I’ve got the more I have loved my bed. Now I like to carefully dress my bed and my latest obsession has been vintage quilts. I am naturally a hoarder or textiles and being able to possess something as beautiful as a quilt is a dream. So I’ve gathered my current favourites, some truly vintage and some modern reproductions for you to also enjoy the joy of quilting.

Modern Vintage quilts

I was drawn to the soft muted colours in this house of Windsor quilted bedspread. It would make any bedroom a sanctuary. £29.99

I love the vibrant colours and patterns in this Indian inspired quilt. It would be perfect on a bed or even better thrown over a sofa for winter night snuggles. £27.99

Vintage Etsy Finds

I love this Pretty Vintage Double-Sided Paisley Feather Eiderdown which comes from the 1910’s It’s so lovely I might just use it as decorative rather than everyday use, so I could care for it for longer. £145.00
I must admit, I think French quilts are some of the most beautiful. With soft muted colours and delicate prints. This Roses quilt from the 1800’s is no exception. £77.08
Having said that, this Vintage English double rose~paisley eiderdown quilt from the 1950’s is truly stunning and I would love to own it and have it thrown over my bed. £90.00
This Stunning vintage thick double quilt from the 1980’s reminds me of staying at my grandparents house. My Nan’s bedroom was so beautifully feminine and I loved diving under the covers of the bed. At £45.00 it’s a bargain too.
Simplicity at its finest with this Antique Durham quilt, in milky coffee and coral pink colours. It really makes you appreciate all the lovely stitching that has gone into it.

Want to make your own Vintage Quilt?

There are plenty of Scrap pack bundles quilt fabric pieces you can pick up easily and fairly cheaply on Etsy.

Plus, with everything you might want to make. You can grab a book to read all about it, £12.61. Or take a look at my Pinterest board for further inspiration.

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Vintage Quilts, A to Z of Vintage
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Vintage Quilts, A to Z of Vintage
The older I've got the more I have loved my bed. Now I like to carefully dress my bed and my latest obsession has been vintage quilts.
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