7 Best Christmas Party Games

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We love a board game at Christmas. In fact our whole family loves games and often Christmas day and New years day turn into long game sessions. Over the years we have tried out all sorts and I’ve compiled a list of what we think are the seven best Christmas party games.

Exploding kittens is for all the family and is the most backed project in Kickstarter History.  A combination of Uno and Russain roulette. I think my eldest would love it.


We had colour Brain last year and the whole family loved it. So easy for everyone to join in and have a go.

Big Potato Colourbrain: The Ultimate Family Board Game £25.00

I bought First dates for my brother last year and it seems like a lot of fun. Obviously just for the adults this one.

Big Potato The Official First Dates Game: A Super-Awkward Party Game for Adults £11.99

This was recommended to me by my brother, who also loves a good game.

Not one for the easily offended. One to play with friends rather than your gran.


Easy to play and great for families with children aged 12 and over. Great for anyone who loves deducing fact from fiction.


Really looking forward to playing this one at Christmas. As long as my cold holds out. The novely of a scratch and sniff game is sure to be a winner with the family this Christmas.


I’ve always loved Trivial pursuit but we couldn’t play it with the kids until now! This version comes with both cards for the adults and cards for the kids. I can’t wait to win all the cheese!


Free Christmas party game

Haven’t made it to the shops but want a great game to play?

Just click on the pop outs to print off the name tags. Put in a bag and get your guests to choose one at random. Play the yes no game with them or use them as prompts for miming or drawing games. Have fun this Christmas!

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