Fun Fundraising Ideas for Children

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Teaching children about charity from a young age is a great way to introduce them to the rewards of giving and should encourage them to continue being generous throughout their lives. However, most children have notoriously short attention spans, which can mean that keeping them interested in your fundraising project can often be an uphill struggle!

One of the most important points to consider is that it’s essential to pick a cause that you care about to raise money for, as this will ensure everyone stays motivated and interested in the project. Whether the kids are raising funds to sponsor an orphan or fundraising for a local charity organisation closer to home, it can be a good idea to sit down as a family and decide which cause you want to support.

Here are some great, fun-filled ideas for fundraising activities that will keep the whole family both busy and entertained!

Bake Sale

Baking a delicious cake together is the ultimate family activity! Whether it’s a traditional sponge cake, muffins, cookies or another tasty treat entirely, this is a great way to get everyone involved. If your child’s school is organising a bake sale, this is also a good opportunity to get involved and teach your little ones about the importance of giving back – and having fun while doing it!


From picking wonderful raffle prizes to going around asking for donations in exchange for raffle tickets, raffles offer plenty of opportunities to get everyone involved in your fundraising project. If you are fundraising on behalf of a local charity or organisation, it might be a good idea to ask local businesses to donate raffle prizes as this will leave more money in the pot to donate to your chosen cause after the draw has taken place.


From a sponsored run to a sponsored silence, there are endless ideas out there for sponsorship’s that are sure to suit every personality! Not only are sponsorship’s (usually!) fairly easy to complete, but they are also great for tailoring to suit the individual who is participating in the challenge. Whether it’s walking around in a fancy dress outfit all day or sitting in a bath of baked beans, the possibilities for this idea range from the traditional to the wacky and back again, with everything in-between!

Car Wash

This idea is a classic fundraising activity, but it’s one that is perfect for active children. Help them put all that excess energy to good use and encourage the children to wash people’s cars in exchange for a donation to the good cause of their choice. All you need are some buckets, sponges and a ready supply of water – plus plenty of willing volunteers! Top tip: make sure to keep plenty of dry towels to hand as the chances are that the kids won’t stay dry for very long!


While this may not be an idea in its own right, fundraising offers a brilliant opportunity to put your creative hats on and get busy designing a fantastic array of bright, eye-catching posters and banners. From table-top signs to posters advertising your fundraising event, get the kids involved and let them come up with their own designs for the occasion. What better way could there be to make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute?

Remember – fundraising for a good cause should be something that you want to do, not a chore. As always, if the kids are clearly bored or uninterested in your project, it may be worth reconsidering how you can approach giving together as a family and put the fun back into fundraising

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