Simple diet tricks to help your skin

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The NUYU team are always looking for the best hints and tips for personal health management.  We like to imagine having the clear complexion that does not need foundation.  Or, to imagine the glow, the luminous dew, of that naked face.  Genes may play a part – but we don’t think this is the only secret.

We believe our skin can reveal much about our lifestyle, not least our diet and if food input is so crucial to the health of our skin, then we can make proactive choices to help.  Let us guide you through simple dietary choices that could revolutionise your complexion.

Eat red, yellow and green

We know that it sounds strange to suggest that the colour of food should have an impact – but as a general guide, it is useful to live by the rule of eating fresh food that comes in red particularly, but also yellow and green.  Tomatoes and beetroot, for instance, contain an antioxidant that can beat free radicals.  This is easier for your body to absorb from cooked tomatoes especially.  This antioxidant helps to reduce the damage caused by the sun.  If you want to super-boost its effects – then try eating it with avocado, the oils in which make the nutrients more available to the body.

Generally speaking, the brighter and darker the colour of the fresh food the more nutrients it possesses.  This is why beetroot is a bit of a winner – as is spinach and kale.  They will ultimately break down collagen in the skin, helping to avoid wrinkling in delicate areas such as around the eyes.

Drink more water

We appreciate we sound a lot like your mum right now.  However, motherly wisdom has its place.  Eat your vegetables and drink your water is sound advice. Drinking water is most important for flushing out toxins from the body.  The toxins that you take in can result in a nasty break out.  If you pee them away into the loo, then they don’t have the chance to build up and cause skin problems.  Proper hydration also reduces the look of tiredness around the eyes, which can age you significantly.

Avoid sugar

Some studies closely link acne with insulin levels and the glycaemic load of foods.  GL is more critical than actual sugar content, as managing this has all the health effects.  Sugar in itself is not bad; indeed, we need it to give us energy.  We find naturally occurring sugars in fruit and vegetables.  However, processed foods that include high levels of refined sugar skyrocket in glycaemic load and therefore severely impact your body chemicals.

Weaning yourself off sugar is actually quite tricky.  Therefore, buying some dried fruit and nuts and having a handful of these when you crave sugar can help you move away from your refined sugar habit.

Remember, eating fruit and veg will not only give you all the sugars that you could possibly need, but it is also a source of Omega-3, which has proven effects on the quality of the skin.  And so, we can turn to something you can eat.  Ironically, oily fish does not equate to oily skin.  In fact, the Omega-3 that is so wonderful in produce is overflowing in your mackerel or your tuna or your salmon.  The general advice is to have two pieces of fish in your diet each week.

But, what about dairy?

This is an area fraught with controversy.  Some studies suggest that hormones used in cows can make it to milk and cause imbalances that mean skin problems.  It may not even be the impact of farming methods.  There are thoughts that milk creates excess sebum production that results in acne.  There are lots of health reasons to move to soy milk or almond milk – even goat’s milk is better for the human body that cow’s milk.  Therefore, there is every reason to make the change – even if the links with good skin are more anecdotal than scientific fact.

In short

Like with everything to do with your body, your skin health is governed by input.  Excess sunlight, inadequate hydration and an excess of sugar leads to a poor complexion.  However, eat colourful fruit and veg, drink plenty of water, add in some oily fish and maybe opt for soy milk, and you have every chance of bringing a glow to your cheeks.

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