Why a mirror is key in any room

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I just had a count up and I have seven mirrors hanging in my house! That doesn’t include any free standing mirrors. Now I don’t live in a large house so it’s basically one in each room. Why so many? Well I think a mirror is key in any room and I’ll tell you why.

Why a mirror is key in any room

Mirrors do so much more than let you check out your clothes.

This is important but not the end of their uses.

Outfit checks

Bedrooms and landings always benefit from full length mirrors for the best opportunities to give your outfit the once over. Like this one from Cox&Cox

A beautifully feminine twist on traditional full length mirrors, this simple, elegant design has a slender, burnished brass frame and curved bottom edge.

Bring light

They are also great to reflect light around smaller spaces, making them seem brighter and more airy.
Even the smallest room could fit this beauty in.

Create space

The best place to place them if you want a room to appear larger is opposite a window.
Carved from paulownia wood with a wide frame, our large, statement wall mirror has a grey distressed painted finish for an elegant look. The large mirrored surface will enhance the natural light in your living space.

Add magic

Even your garden can benefit from the addition of a mirror. What better way to create a magical enchanted garden than with a mirror in an alcove or at the end of a garden path.

With a soft arched top in a distressed zinc effect finish, our small iron mirror will add new dimensions to your outside space. Reminiscent of chapel windows, our vintage inspired mirror is perfect for smaller spaces.
So mirrors aren’t just for checking your teeth before you head out the door. Although I have been thankful of that on numerous occasions. They can make rooms feel bigger, add much need light and give a bit of wonder to a boring space.
That’s why a mirror is key to any room. Perhaps I need a few more.

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