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Rather than a review of my blogging statistics for December. This is a review of 2018 with all my stats and top posts and my goals for 2019.


Blogging Statistics December.

These are the totals for the year.

Views 62, 647.

Twitter followers 6321. Really loving the switch to Social Bee it’s made my scheduling so much easier and I am engaging more with my followers.

Pinterest followers 1987.  Tailwind has really been the game changer of my year and continues to be my main referral to the blog.

Facebook likes 998. Competition  ideas welcome for Facebook fans when I get to 1000.

Instagram followers 2185 down 14. Despite me using Planoly I have dropped followers after peaking in the summer.

HIBS 100 ranking 48. So pleased to have got into the top 50 at the end of the year.

Top posts for 2018

Self Care tips for January

My Handbag Essentials

Damson and apple crumble recipe

The Little Black Cat Creative Corner Interview

Classic Festive Cocktails

Guest posting

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Christmas Sweet Treats | 25+ Recipes You Need To Try

My December goals were:

To take a break. I did and I really enjoyed stepping back from it all. 

To plan for the new year. I have all my content planned for the entire year. I’m sticking with three posts a week and I happy with the schedule. 

To take stock and see what I should be focusing my energy on. I’m stepping up on pinterest and my Facebook page. I’m stepping back on Instagram. 

My 2018 goals were:

  • Stick to my planning. In the most part! 
  • Focus on paid work for my blog. The last few months of the year were good side hustle earners for me bringing in around £400 per month. 
  • Grow my social media following on all channels by the end of the year by 20%. I was so close to hitting it with all channels. Just fell short with twitter. 

    Twitter up 14.5 %

    Pinterest up 44.7%

    Facebook up 32.3 %

    Instagram up 40.2%

    HIBS 100 moved 269 places up

My January goals are:

Run two giveaways

Stick to my schedule

My 2019 goals are:

To make £400 each month.

Develop affiliate marketing

Grow social media channels by 20%

To have 100,000 page views in the year

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  1. Always fascinating to read these type of posts. Well done on all you achievements so far and all the very best for more adventures in your blogging journey in 2019 #Ablogginggoodtime

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  2. This is one of the best 2018 overviews and 2019 goals things I’ve seen. Succinct, well written and just the right amount of interesting info (maybe because there’s a voyeur in all of us or maybe just cos I’m a blogger!) Isn’t it funny how everyone’s goals can be so different? Funnily enough my goal this year is to be making that same amount of £400 a month by the end of the year although for me that would be a major achievement and not just a ‘side hustle. Your energy and drive must be amazing! #ablogginggoodtime

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      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I was wondering whether to keep sharing my stats. I love to read other bloggers posts but I know some find them too much. Currently facing redundancy from my job again! So hopefully I can make it work full time and not just on the side. Good luck for the year ahead.

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