Does sleep damage your hair?

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A few months ago I started the journey to get my curly hair back. Inspired by the Curly girl movement, I wanted to see if I could return to the ringlets of my childhood. Since then my hair has been on my mind a lot and even as I dream I’ve been thinking of my hair. But is this a problem and does sleep damage your hair?

You may think this is a ridiculous concept and I know we all need sleep to survive and flourish. But I have noticed a few things related to sleep that have had a negative effect on my curly locks.

Dream damage.

When I am anxious or stressed I often comb my hair with my fingers in my sleep. As a curly girl I know that touching my hair is not good. So when waking to find myself clutching little fists of hair I am horrified. If you do the same or find yourself dreaming about your hair falling out you can find more information here. 

Pillow talk.

Do you find one side of your hair always looks better than the other. Your pillowcase could be to blame. I have also got the age where creases in my face take longer to leave in the morning. I always sleep on one side and that side was taking the damage night after night. So I switched to a Silk pillowcase and it has been a real game changer in terms of my hair. My curls bounce back in the morning and I also no longer face a pirate when I looking the mirror first thing. It is a must that it’s a 100% silk because you want the protein rich fibres to protect you. Man made is a no go. They aren’t cheap but it’s been well worth it. Stopping sleep from damaging my hair.

Tied up

My other secret weapon has been to pineapple my hair when I sleep. What’s pineappling? Basically gathering all my hair high on the crown of my head and using an invisabobble to gather into a loose ponytail. Hence the pineapple look. Not the most glam look I know, but it stops me from lying all over my hair and give less weird kinks to my curls in the morning. Be sure to vary where you tie it and only loosely or risk the damaged caused by tying your hair up.

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Does sleep damage your hair?
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Does sleep damage your hair?
My hair has been on my mind a lot and even as I dream I've been thinking of my hair. But is this a problem and does sleep damage your hair?
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