Self Care Tips for Winter

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January is the most miserable time of the year as far as I’m concerned. All the pretty Christmas lights are gone and you’re left feeling sluggish and worn out from the festivities. Which is why self care is most important in winter. Taking time to take stock of your busy mind and give remedy to your cold and over worked body is most important. Many of us don’t but it needn’t be to hard with my self care tips for winter.

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Self care

Self care should encompass all of you. Not just focusing in on your post-Christmas tum. Take time to calm your mind as well.

The perfect way to do this is to read. This January I’ve been leafing through the Winter retreat. Beautifully laid out and with lots of simple actionable activities that you can do that help you to relax and refresh yourself through the gloom on January. Something that you can dip in and out of or go to when your feeling low from the cold dark endless nights of winter. A perfect retreat without having to leave your living room.

The other simple step I’ve taken to calm my mind is to introduce some some caffeine free tea into my day. You’ll probably already know how much I love tea so to give it up would be impossible. So I’ve switched to having caffeine free tea after 2pm and I am feeling great and sleeping better for it.

If you really have over indulged at Christmas your could try a Super Cleanse Tea. This one from Indigo herbs has a warming and slightly sweet taste which makes it a pleasure to drink.

Hand care

My hands always take a battering in the winter. They seem to be constantly cold and chapped despite my glove wearing. Which is why I always have hand cream. I have some at home, at work and even in my handbag.

I am currently loving this SEAMS Hand cream £14.00 which can do the trick of softening and protecting my hands on even the bitterest of days.  It was originally created for seamstresses to help mend and moisturise their dry, pinpricked, hardworking hands without leaving an oily residue on fabrics. So it’s perfect for me to use whilst I relax with some cross stitch. 

Hair Care

My hair is another part of me that suffers through winter. With the change of temperatures and hat wearing. The texture turns into a ball of frizz. So I often look for products that help protect my hair.

These Tea Tree special colour Shampoo and Conditioners offer to washes away everyday impurities, leaving hair fresh, clean and full of vibrant lustre.  Whilst the moisturizing ingredients tackle tangles for instant manageability, leaving the hair and scalp looking and feeling healthy. They work by using unique rooibos tea botanicals help to protect colour from the elements and fading. Sounds good to me, if only I could find the time to get my hair coloured again!

Skin Care

My skin is always crying out for moisture in the winter. The combination of the dropping outside temperatures and the dry heat of the radiators. Means it really suffers.

These products not only help heal your skin but will make you feel great too!

I love a massage and even if I cant get a willing volunteer this Super Cleanse oil massaged into my legs will be fab.

I was once lucky enough to visit the dead sea and I am really looking forward to relaxing in a bath with Special Dead Sea Soak and bringing back all those memories.

My final treat? Aloe skin gel. So good at repairing damaged skin. Perfect for chapped hands in winter or sunburn in summer. Plus did you know it’s great for tackling the halo of frizz on your head!

Self Care Giveaway!

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Self Care Tips for Winter
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Self Care Tips for Winter
January is the most miserable time of the year. Which is why self care is most important in winter. It needn't be to hard with my self care tips for winter.
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  1. I love using my hot water bottle in the winter, it just makes me feel cosy & warm in the evenings! I’m also a fan of hot chocolates – nothing better than a sweet treat on a dull evening. Winter walks with the dogs is great too.

  2. a nice walk with the dogs, home start the fire and settle with a good book ! i find i drink LOTS of tea come winter time too

  3. I try to eat plenty of fresh food and have some early nights, both help me to have more energy in the cold, dark mornings!

  4. I find that getting outside in the fresh air in Winter makes me feel better. I work as a nurse in a hospital so it’s nice to get outside

  5. Getting outside on some winter walks, always makes me feel happy. Where i live in Cornwall all the tourists have gone, at this time of year and the beaches are empty, which is blissful.

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