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Hi! I’m Ruth and I am the creative force behind Craft with Cartwright. I’m thirty seven, from the West Midlands and I am a vegetarian and a Coeliac.

Ruth Cartwright Craft with Cartwright

I am a proud mum to two amazing boys (9 and 4) and a skilled multi-tasker. I currently work as blogger, freelance illustrator and part time High school teacher
I am a craftswoman at heart,  I love to draw, cook, sew and read. Luckily my children share my passions and we love to share this with everyone on my blog.
My work has been featured in Making magazine, Craftseller, Cross stitch Crazy magazine and on BuzzFeed.
I would love you to take a look around my blog. You can find recipes, free patterns, read reviews and keep up to date with the my latest new additions in my shops.

Want to work with me?

Email me at ruthiecullen@hotmail.com

Stats for June 2018

Target audience, female 25 – 45

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Page views per month                                8500

Unique views  per month                           4,149

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Nominated for best blog and best crafts blog MADS 2015

Creative biz hour and mums in biz hour winner on twitter

Featured in Making, Craftseller and cross stitch crazy magazine and Buzzfeed 

I am able to offer:

Ad spots on my site, Ad spots in my feed, Brand ambassadorships, Giveaways, Reviews, Sponsored posts, Cross promotion over my social media channels and blog.


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