Does sleep damage your hair?

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Collaborative post. A few months ago I started the journey to get my curly hair back. Inspired by the Curly girl movement, I wanted to see if I could return to the ringlets of my childhood. Since then my hair has been on my mind a lot and even as I dream I’ve been thinking of my hair. But is …

Self Care Tips for Winter

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January is the most miserable time of the year as far as I’m concerned. All the pretty Christmas lights are gone and you’re left feeling sluggish and worn out from the festivities. Which is why self care is most important in winter. Taking time to take stock of your busy mind and give remedy to your cold and over worked …

5 Reasons to Cover Tattoos

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Ad. I have a tattoo and for most of the time I am fine with it and rarely even give it a thought. However there have been occasions when I have wished it wasn’t there and it got me thinking about the different situations you can find yourself in and why you might not want your tattoo to be present. …

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Vintage Make up A to Z of Vintage

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Timeless classic beauty is something I think we would all like to master. Vintage Make up looks seem so elegant and flawless. I must admit both those things seem to escape me on a daily basis. But I hold out hope. These are my top picks for hopefully achieving it.

Beach Beauty Ready

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The post contains Sponsored and affiliate links. To find out more please read my advertising and disclosure policy. I love the beach and I like to feel my best when I am on the beach. For me it has nothing to do with what size I am but from the feeling I get when I am beach beauty ready. These …

7 quick ways to change your look

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This is a sponsored post for Divatress. All opinions are my own. The new year can be a great place to rejuvenate your look. Looking forward to the summer and throwing off the layers of jumpers and coats. Yet January is also a time of tighten purse strings and lack of motivation as the days are short. So I’ve come …