Ingle & Rhode Necklace Review

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When my brother started dating. My mum gave him some advice on buying Jewellery. She said ‘always look for quality, not something that won’t stand the test of time’. It’s great advice and something that I’ve always stuck to when looking for jewellery. I’d rather have one beautiful item that lasts a life time than a box full of tarnished …

How to beat the cold weather in style

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Ad. This time of year can be a nightmare to dress for. In and out of heated buildings. Rushing in the pre Christmas fashion. Braving the rain/snow/sleet and wind. It’s hard to know what to wear at any one time. Over the years I have perfected the transition from summer into Autumn. This is my strategy for how to beat …

The Best Christmas Party Outfits

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It’s that time of year again, whether you’re dashing out to get something for the kids for Christmas Jumper day or the invites have started coming for the festive parties. Don’t panic over what to wear I’ve got something for everyone in this round up. I’ll guarantee you’ll have the best Christmas party outfits this year.

Have a Plastic Free Period

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#Ad Every Tuesday when our recycling is collected I am horrified at the amount that fills our bin. It’s great that we are recycling so much more than we used to, but recently we have been looking at ways to reduce our plastic use. This month I tried having a plastic free period.

view of misty autumn hills

How to dress for Autumn

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#ad Autumn can be a tricky month. With practically all four seasons sometimes appearing in one day. You can be baking hot, soaked to the bone, blown away and froze before the day is out. So how to make sure your suitably kitted out for all these weather events. Here are my tips for how to dress for Autumn.

My Handbag Essentials

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Now that both my children are in school I have high hopes of ditching my mumsy bags for something smaller, chic and lighter. I now dream of sashaying away with a delicate clutch or tiny tote. In reality I don’t know how well this will work because I still have a pile of things I consider my handbag essentials and …

Vintage Earrings A to Z of Vintage

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The post contains affiliate links. To find out more please read my advertising and disclosure policy. Wearing vintage jewellery can really lift an outfit. I am lucky enough that I’ve inherited some and bought some great finds over the years. But if you’ve yet to embrace the vintage look, in particular vintage earrings. Here are my tips and recommendations. If …