Learn 5 easy crafts

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I have neglected my crafting this year and I feel more stressed for it. I know now that taking the time to sit and make something with my hands is good for my mind. Clearing away the clutter of the day and spending time focusing on making something is the best way to unwind. So I’ve made it my resolution …

Womens Christmas Gift Guide

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I really do love a gift guide. I read a lot of them before I attempt my Christmas shopping. It’s great to see other peoples ideas. This year I am basically channelling all my desires into my Womens Christmas Gift Guide. So hubby if you’re reading this, take a hint!

Scottish Knitwear – Creative Corner Interview

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If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have something knitted for you. You’ll know how wonderful it is. Over the years I’ve had a few hand knits and I appreciate the time and craftmanship that goes into them. This weeks creative corner interviewee is certainly a highly skilled craftswoman. So please read about Scottish Knitwear and don’t forget to enter …

Sweet Pups Review and Giveaway

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If I were to design a toy I’m not sure if I would ever combined pastries with Puppies. I still find the concept a little strange. However it has completely won over my boys, so who am I to judge what makes a great toy? Read what they though in my Sweet Pups review and don’t miss out on this …

Questlog Giveaway

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I love to travel and ever since I was a small child I love loved to collect mementos from my trips. Little shells, ticket stubs, sugar wrappers and coins. They are stored in pots and thrown in boxes. Often never to see the light of day again. Which is a real shame, because often these little objects can hold as …

Hape Roadster & Sky Flyer Giveaway

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What were your favourite toys as a child? Mine seems so old fashioned, these days. I loved a metal train I had and a wooden farmyard set. In comparison to all the electronic gadgetry that kids have these days. They seem so simple. But that’s kind of the point of these toys and why I still buy toys like those …