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How Colouring Relieves Stress

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I rediscovered colouring in after having my children. Encouraging colour recognition and find motor skills we sat down with the crayons. Attempting to stay in the lines. Whilst he found it fun to scribble over the pages. I found myself relaxing as I methodically worked my way through the colours of the rainbow. Colouring in has become more and more …

Happiness List February

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So, I started my Happiness list post series last Month. The idea is that I take time to remember the little things that make me happy in a week by jotting them down in my planner. Until I have a Month’s worth of little moments. This is my Happiness List February.

Happiness list January

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This year I got myself a great planner. Not only is it helping me to be more organised. It is also helping reflect on the things that make me happy. I am really enjoying writing these small things down, so I thought I’d share them with you in my monthly Happiness List.