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10 clever storage ideas for Kids bedrooms

If you have children then you will know the nightmare of walking in on a room that you thought was tidy, only ten minutes ago to see a disaster zone. For me, the key to tackling this problem has been storage. These 10 clever storage ideas are perfect for for boys and girls rooms. Whether small or large. The perfect way to organize clothes, bookshelves and toys to keep their rooms looking cool and tidy. If you need bedroom storage ideas, check this article.

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small spaces

If you have a small space, the key is getting things up off the floor.

With clever storage solutions, it's now easier than ever to make the most of small bedrooms. When shopping for a new bed, measurements matter. You should consider length and width, but the height of your bed also affects your style and comfort. Click here to view the girls beds collection offers designs with in-built storage that can be used creatively to maximise space and keep your child's bedroom neat and tidy. 

This high rise sleeper is great for older children. Made from Scandinavian Pine from 100% certified and sustainable forest. Available from Cuckooland. £1185

This Vertical Shelving Unit by Oliver Furniture is a perfect combination of classic Nordic design and practicality. With 15 different sections, you can get toys and books up off the floor. Creating more space. £608

Really want to maximize space. Consider working an alcove into the children's rooms. I just love this idea for a room, painted with Annie Sloan.

Toy organisation

Get your kids to designate a spot for specific types of toys. Then when they need to tidy, they know that - lego goes here, books here etc.

This Nidi Bedroom furniture collection is modular - you can buy as much or as little as is needed and to suit the size and design of the bedroom. From Go Modern Furniture

For clothes

How about having a basket for clothes? They are more breathable and are the perfect storage solution you can just chuck things in.

Alternatively use them for soft toys and make a game of getting them all in when they need to tidy up.

These adorable jute baskets £20 from Sweetpea & Willow, make excellent storage solutions, whether it's for the kid's toys, or for storing your winter throws in the summer months.


Bookshelves are a must in our house as both the boys are big bookworms. I love creating a dedicated space for books and reading.

Bring your outdoors indoors with this awesome Louane Tree Bookcase by Mathy by Bols. Planted in the center of your kid's bedroom, up against a wall or at the corner of the bed, these funky wooden trees are unique shelving systems which can be used for books, toys and treasures. £775

This classic kid's bookshelf will just complete your little one's room! With two key holes at the back, our shelf can be easily mounted flushed to the wall. £44.44 Available from Woodyoubuy

Play areas

If you are lucky enough to have extra space for a play room, you can let your creativity go wild. Alternatively, get inventive with paint to designate areas for different activities in their room.

These Tuli Kids Stackable Desk & Stools are great for using for creative and crafts activities. They can be stored within each other for less use of space.

I love this bedroom concept for older children, created by GoodHome Interiors at B&Q. Great storage ideas, with the shelving, and floating desk with storage underneath.

Why not include movable storage. For things that don't get used everyday. Store them in a wheeled caddy and move it out when needed. Like this one featured in Annie Sloan - Kids bedroom - Chalk Paint mural by Lucy Tiffney.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.