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How to make pet rocks

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I always have a stash of craft ideas to hand for the kids. These cute pet rocks made from painting or drawing on stone are always a hit.

Read how to create a diy dog, cat, rabbit and dinosaur cute characters inspired by Coding Critters from Learning Resources. See how I made Ranger, Scamper, Rumble and Bopper in this step by step guide.

Pet rocks supplies

You will need:

Pet rocks supplies

Pet rock – Ranger dog

To make the dog

  • Start by drawing or painting the nose central on the rock
  • Then add eyes, remembering to keep the white dots.
  • Add rounded triangles for the ears
  • Finally add a smile and a tiny dot for the tongue
  • Optional – you could leave the dog the colour of your pebble or colour a light brown.

Pet rock – Rumble dinosaur

To make the dinosaur pet rock

  • Choose a pebble that has a flat wide surface
  • Colour in blue leaving the area of the eyes untouched
  • Add in the eyes and nose shape in black
  • Then add the green horns
  • Finally add in a smile in black

Pet rock – Bopper rabbit

To make the rabbit

  • Choose a pebble that is oval in shape
  • Draw the ears on in blue
  • Then outline in yellow
  • Add a pink nose
  • Finally finish with the eyes and smile

How to make Scamper the cat

To make Scamper the cat pebble design

  • Colour the pebble in grey, leaving the areas for the nose and eyes.
  • Add the eye detail in black
  • Then colour in the nose pink
  • Finally add ears and a cheeky smile

What are Coding Critters?

‘Screen-free, interactive coding pets. Each Coding Critter will introduce basic coding and programming skills in an engaging and hands-on way.’

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Louise Brown

Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Fabulous tutorial and my daughter loved doing them after school today xx


Wednesday 14th of October 2020

Wow love thepet rocks, think they are really nice, the great grand daughter would enjoy doing that I am sure.. Halloween isvery big in their house. But I won't be there, I live Wakefield, theylive Leicester.

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