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15 Family games for all ages

If you are looking to entertain the family in a screen free way, you need to check out this collection of 15 family games for all ages.

We have long been a family that like to play games together. Christmas and wet bank holiday weekends especially. So it's natural that while we spend more time together we'd look for fun, indoor, board games to play together.

Our favourites for kids are included here, some are simple and suit younger ages. But I've also included the best picks for all ages, including if your at home with teens and young adults.


Ludo has got to be one of the all time favourites in our house. In fact my husband bought in on our first 'big shop' when we had just moved in together. So simple to learn and so much fun for everyone.

Not all family games have to be board games and KerPlunk is definitely not a board game. The key to a good game is the way you set it up. I'm all for weaving the sticks in and out of each other, so no one gets away without any marbles dropping.


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The Good Life Board Game is a new addition to the Cartwright household, but it's already made a solid place in our hearts. Quick and easy to learn, educational and left us wanting to dig our own allotment. The key to success is to fill your patch with everything you'd need for a successful small holding. The boys just loved pinching the chickens and pigs in the little wheelbarrow counters. One you can play again and again.


Monopoly comes in so many varieties these days but as our eldest is a big Pokemon fan. This Pokémon Monopoly Board Game was the only choice for us. The rules are still the same and the aim of the game is to build an empire and make everyone else bankrupt.

Randomise is the perfect game if you don't have a lot of space to set up a board game. Great for anyone who loves the family game to have a bit of everything. Describing, drawing and acting are the ways you play and win the game.

We love games that are very interactive. Rapidough is a great example, just be careful of your carpets.

If you and the kids loved the movie. You can play the game! Our youngest loved it when he won his first game and got to shout Jumanji!

We love a quiz in our house, but often you'll find the questions are too easy for adults or too hard for the kids. This Family Quiz Night is the perfect solution. With multiple choice questions for the kids and tricky questions for the adults, on a whole host of topics, from movies to geography and people. Easy to understand and easy to get started, we loved it and can't wait to play this with the rest of our family. £25.00 from


Exploding Kittens Card Game is so silly and addictive. It's easy to learn and great fun to play. As long as you love explosions and kittens!

Articulate is a family favourite at christmas, when our extended family come around to play games. Team up and see who is the best at communicating with their team.

Answer your questions using only colours. Trickier than is looks Colourbrain is great fun for all the family.


Answer questions and make the links. Collect all the cards to make Linkee. Great for trivia loving families.

Be prepared to feel a little queasy, What's That Smell Board Game is not for the faint hearted but its all good fun.

Play darts and don't damage the furniture with a Personalised Photo Magnetic Dart Board


If you are at home with young adults and you're ok with awkward questions first dates may be the game for you!

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