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September is rapidly approaching. July and the whole stretch of the six weeks holiday ahead of you seem so long ago. Now is the time you inevitably have to think about early mornings, PE kits and what to feed them in their lunches. With all that in mind it’s easy to forget some of the things they’ll need two weeks into the new term. So here’s my list of recommended back to school essentials.

First of all kids seem to need so much stuff these days. Make sure they have a suitable rucksack to carry it all in, like this Galaxy one £11.98.

Water is important for keeping brains hydrated and fully functioning. Make sure their’s doesn’t leak in their bag with a Clip lid water bottle. £3.99

Get the coolest lunchbox in the classroom with this lego brick one. £7.99

Once you are safe in the knowledge they have been properly fed and hydrated. Make sure they have everything they need for the classroom. Schools are strapped for resources.

Make sure they have a pencil case £3.29 they love and grab felt tips £2.74 and Biros to fill it with.

Addionally it’s handy if they can have, bits like Pritt sticks £2.98, sketchpads £1.99 and Tipp-Ex £2.98. Especially if they’re in high school.

Being organised is key to school life. Encourage your kids to organise themselves with this planner.

P.E back to school essentials

Most schools have a kit list with recommendations where to buy.

Make sure they done loose their kit by having a custom shark pump bag, by British Made Gifts £11.99

Finally no one wants to be replacing kit and uniform a few weeks in to the term, because they’ve gone missing. Make sure everyone knows whose jumper it is, with Ultra stick garment labels. £4.50

What are your back to school essentials?

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