7 Cheap Food photography backdrops

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Even if you are not a blogger, chances are you have taken a cheeky food pic. When you’ve made something your proud of and want to show the world on Facebook. Yet why do some pics looks so good and others rubbish. You may have kitchen envy, but chance are they don’t have a marble kitchen. They just used clever and cheap food photography backdrops.

Ever the spend thrift, I have held off spending any money on my photo flatlay backdrops. I have 7 great ideas that you could use, quickly and cheaply. When you must snap a pic of those freshly baked muffins.

I’ve shown the set up pics and the finished photo, so you can see how easy it is to master your photography.

Baking parchment

If you bake, chances are you have parchment in your kitchen. Brown or white they come n a roll, which means a bigger shot could be taken.

Good for flat lays and for holding up against harsh light for a diffused effect.

Off cuts

I have an off cut from the wood block work surface we used in our vintage caravan. Very handy for small shots.

You’d never know it was so tiny in this pic!


I don’t put food directly on my floor but in a dish it’s o.k.

These ceramic tiles have a slate/marble type effect and I like them when photographing brighter foods.

Tin foil

On the duller side, which isn’t so reflective. Or used scrunched up and re-flattened.

Again it’s on a roll, so handy if you want to photograph things stood up.

Tea towels

Might look uninspiring when shot like this.

But a close up shot add a cosy texture and homemade charm to your photos.

Table cloth

I know not everyone will have one, but push comes to shove a clean sheet will work just as well.

Perfect for draping and nestling foods in.

Baking tray

The older and more worn the better, when using a baking tray.

Ideal for letting the colours of a food shine out. Giving a moodier edge to your food photography.

Hopefully these cheap food photography backdrops will help enhance your pics.

If you want to invest more in your photos I would recommend.

PVC backdrops that come printed with various designs. £5.99

Plus a lightbox for photography in the winter months, when the light is poor. £11.99

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7 Cheap Food photography backdrops
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7 Cheap Food photography backdrops
Even if you are not a blogger, chances are you have taken a cheeky food pic. You may have kitchen envy, but chance are they don't have a marble kitchen. They just used clever and cheap food photography backdrops.
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  1. A BIG fat Rib-Eye steak (16oz min)…. cooked to my liking with chips and a jug of Stilton sauce is my idea of food heaven !!

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  2. My favourite food is roast chicken dinner, and my passion is Haagen Daz coffee ice cream for dessert (which is only available for some strange reason in two outlets) I have never been crazy about ice cream but I am addicted to this one!

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