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Christmas luggage label gift tags

I think it is so nice when you can make the wrapping and the tags for something handmade you are giving at Christmas. So I've just compiled a collection of some of my favourite ways to customise Luggage labels, which I know most crafters keep in their stash. Try my Christmas luggage label gift tags this year.

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First use papers that have a stitched design on them. I love these hearts and they came in a range of designs that look as if I've stitched them on. All I did was carefully cut them out and glued them in a central position. These are great for Christmas with the red tones but would also suit Valentines when giving a handmade gift to your loved one.

Why not try decorating with buttons

I know I am guilty of hoarding buttons. I often just have them to look at as they look great in colour organised jars but sometimes it feels good to break them out with a crafty activity. They are just perfect for decorating these tags.


To make the snowman simply find two white buttons one larger than the other and glue in place with some pva glue. Then cut out a hat from craft paper and glue on at a jaunty angle.

To make the puddings find three brown buttons of varying sizes. Glue them on smallest to largest down the tag with PVA. Then with pencil crayons add holly berries and leaves.

To make the tree you will need a collection of green buttons of varying sizes. It is best to play around with the arrangement first so you can make a triangle shape. Then when you are happy with the shape of your tree glue the buttons in place with PVA. Add a paper bucket shape and a star to finish.

Finally wrap Christmas ribbon around for a classic clean finish.I bought these ribbons at Hobby craft last week and I have been dying to use them in my Christmas makes. These tags are easy to make and just require you to cut the ribbon so that it wraps and slightly overlaps at the back. Then use double sided sticky tape to secure in place.
I just had to use the starry tag straight away as it went so well with the gift wrap I made last week. The first handmade Christmas present wrapped and waiting for Christmas.

Luggage label gift tags supplies

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.