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How Colouring Relieves Stress

I rediscovered colouring in after having my children. Encouraging colour recognition and find motor skills we sat down with the crayons. Attempting to stay in the lines. Whilst he found it fun to scribble over the pages. I found myself relaxing as I methodically worked my way through the colours of the rainbow. Colouring in has become more and more popular for adults and it's worth looking at how colouring relieves stress. In adults and children alike. Plus you can grab my Autumn time colouring pack to colour alone or share with your children.

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Colouring therapy

It may look odd to some to see an adult sat with their pencils concentrating on their colouring in on the train. As opposed to reading the paper or endless scrolling which has become the norm. But it is worth looking at the person, doing it. Do them seem at ease and relaxed. Most likely they are. With colouring in you are able to loose yourself in the task.

Therapeutic effects of colouring

Whether you choose to methodically approach your colouring in like me. Going from one colour to another or enjoy the repetitive actions of the stroke of pencil or crayon. You can loose yourself in the activity. Being mindful of your actions and enjoying the moment of putting colour within the shapes.

Benefits of colouring

That mindful action can help ground you and help you to leave some of the floating anxious states that we live in these days. Taking time to perform an action for the pure joy of it. Not for likes or any other recognition but purely for the act itself.

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colouring stress relief

If you would like to try colouring for the stress relieving benefits it might have for you. Or to save your sanity and give the kids something to do whilst on half term. I've designed a Autumn time colouring pack that you might like to try.

Grab yourself this Autumn colouring pack

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.