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Curly Girl Method 3 Month Review

As a child I had the most beautiful hair. It fell in lovely Shirley temple ringlets and my mum was often questioned on if she tied my hair in rags at night to make them.

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But she didn’t do anything to my hair, I had inherited my dad’s curls and I hated having my hair washed or brushed. If only I had continued with that basic idea (the premise of the Curly girl method).

I might have had the years of battling was I thought was just frizzy hair and I could have been living as a curly haired adult for a lot longer.

In October last year I was at the end of my tether with my hair. It had looked great on holiday and yet now I was back at home I was back to the battle with my hair. I’d spend ages straightening my hair only for it to puff back up half an hour later and my halo of frizz was always following close behind.

So I posted a pic on Instagram and asked what I could do about it. Mum of an extreme picky eater commented and suggested I look at the curly girl method. Pointing me in the direction of the Curly girls UK Facebook group.

I bought the Curly Girl Method book by Lorianne Massey and it made a lot of sense to me, and so in October I ditched the silicone's and the sulphates and made my way into a world of plopping and crunching to see if my curls really could come back.

3 months progress

My first tip would be for anyone thinking about starting this journey is to take lots of pictures. It can be had to reflect how far your hair has come when you live with it day to day. Trust me I am still having bad hair days but when I look back at the pictures I can see they are still BETTER hair days than before.

What to avoid

On the product labels you need to be looking out for and avoiding anything with Sulphates, silicones or drying alcohol’s.

What to buy

This is the minimum products you will need.

Conditioner for washing your hair and conditioning with.

Hair gel.

What I’ve been trying out

So my cabinet which I had quickly emptied of all the products with the silicone's, sulphates and alcohol’s in. Which I gifted to a non curly haired friend. Soon became full of a wide range of products I had never used before.

This is my current collection of products I have used in the past three months and I am still testing and trying out new ones and different combinations to see what works best for my hair.


Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo – for if you really can’t part with the wash and condition routine.


Aldi Lacura Moisture Conditioner – my hair felt great with it, but I can’t stand the smell

Garnier Ultimate Blends Conditioner the colour illuminator with argan oil and cranberry – love this for the moisture and the fab smell

Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus Curl and Shine Conditioner – great moisturizing and lovely smell

Hair mask

Garnier Ultimate blends Silicone free mask – a weekly treat before co-washing


Morrisons Styling Gel Extra firm hold – to hold and protect your curls

Cantu Define and Shine Custard – gives amazing shine


Cocobelle Baby organic coconut oil – my hair doesn’t like it in this form but other curlies swear by it for extra moisture

Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie – good for the last day before wash day when you want to style your hair in braids or buns

Cantu Comeback curl – spritz on my hair before bed and in the morning between wash days

KY Jelly (seriously) – good for frizz fighting

Higher Nature Aloe vera skin gel – also great for frizz fighting

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous total treat argan oil – when you just want a bit of luxury on your hair before bed

Must haves

A microfiber towel

A good conditioner


A gamma diffuser

A silk pillowcase

My routine

My new routine is to co-wash my hair with conditioner once every five or six days with ultimate blends conditioner with my head upside down in the shower.

I gently finger comb any tangles out and then when the water is off I add more conditioner to my hair until it no longer looks frizzy. I don’t rinse but get out of the shower and head to the sink in my bathroom.

While my hair is still dripping wet I get a teaspoonful of Cantu Define and shine custard and rope it through my hair. (roping – running it through two ropes of my hair when my head is over the sink).

Then I pulse it in, which is to scrunch the hair up and squeeze it gently to get it right into my hair. I do this all round and this helps form the curls.

Then I repeat the same thing with a teaspoonful or Morrisons styling gel.

When I know my hair is fully coated and I am happy with the curls that have formed. I gently plop my hair onto a microfiber towel and squeeze twice to get some of the water out.

Then I dry my hair with a Gamma diffuser attachment on my hairdryer. I use the lowest heat and speed settings and I place my hair into it before turning it on and I don’t move it when drying.

Then I switch it off and wait for my hair to cool before taking it out. It sound a faff but it’s the best way I’ve found to avoid frizz. I do this all around my hair with my head upside down to get the best volume.

My hair is then set in a gel ‘cast’ it still looks wet and like crunchy rats tails but they transform when I scrunch out the crunch using an old cotton t-shirt.

Then my curls are shiny and will last until the next wash day.

In between days I protect and refresh my curls my putting them up in a pineapple (a very high ponytail hair right on the top of my head) with an invisabobble and sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

I quick spray of cantu curl revitalizer in the morning and I’m good to go.

Next steps

Now I have found products and a routine that is working for me. I want to try out some other things with my hair.

I'm in need of a good hair cut. I want some more layers so that my curls lift and to get rid of the dried out ends. Unfortunately a good curly hairdresser is hard

I’m planning on trying out finger coiling to see if that helps the shape of my curls.

I need to decide if I am brave enough to continue with embracing my grey at 38 or do I find a curly girl friendly dye and cover it up.

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Sunday 10th of January 2021

How do you use the KY jelly.? I have fine, wavy, high porosity hair and a lot of frizz.


Sunday 10th of January 2021

A very tiny amount rubbed between your hands and smoothed over to calm down some top layer frizz. I'd only use this day two/three.

Audrey Naylor

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Love the story. My hair is very fine, always has been, when I do curls, I use a shampoo with Collagen, and the conditioner with Collagen. I do x 2 washes and 1 con,then I use a towel just to get the excess water out of my hair,then let it dry by itself. If I want curls then I have these foam curlers that you canit buy now and you roll your hair onto the foam and push the pointed end through the hole. I use most of them all over my head. I sleep in them sometimes,. In the morning I spray my hair with Elenett lacquer its very fine, and brushes out. Leave it whilst I have a cuppa or something, then I tease these foam things open and unwind the hair then I tease the curls to where I want them and then spray, if I look after them they stay in for 3 or 4 days, then I go back to the fine rats tails. I agree about hairdressers, there are not like they use to be. When My son got married I had my hair done, I told her what I wanted, the next morning I was back down there you would have thought it had never been touched. You don't have to leave this up, it was really about me telling you about my hair.


Monday 28th of January 2019

My daughter has really curly hair and I have no idea how to handle it so this advice is great. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam


Tuesday 29th of January 2019

My pleasure. Curly hair is definitely tricky to manage.

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