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Curly Girl – Gels, mousses and oils

Everything you need to know about the curly girl method using gels mousses and oils.

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I have been following the curly girl method for nearly two years now. You can read about my three and six-months progress. Basically, for those who have not heard of it. It is a way of caring for your curls, without the use of heat, silicone's, alcohols and sulphates.

Confused? Well my basic routine would be to co-wash with conditioner and then style my hair with either a gel or a mousse.

Already got the curly girl bug. Then this post is for you. These are my current favourites for gels, mousses and oils.


Curly girl followers will all have their own favourite gel and what works for some may not work for you. It also depends on the season and if your hair actually wants to be nice to you! Hence why I currently have six different gels in my bathroom cabinet.

I will start with my favourite and explain why I like them and their different qualities.

In first place would have to be the vo5 gel. Great hold and super definition. The only problems I have ever had with this gel is if I have over applied. Then my day two hair will feel horribly sticky and matted.

Closely followed my the curl company styling creme gel. Lovely scent and produces great curls, but they will only last a day or two at the most.

Only curls, curl enhancing gel is third. I love the curls I get, but the smell can be a little overpowering for me.

Forth place is the curl jelly. Great if you need a bit more protein, but it is one of the most expensive gels in my cabinet.

Fifth place to aloe vera gel - great for a refresh, completely natural and smells lovely. But hardly any hold.

Last place goes to wilko gel. Amazing price at 70p but it doesn't give great hold and I think it smells like cigarettes. I only use it if I want to do a refresh, and I hardly ever bother with them.


I only own one mousse and to be honest I really didn't think I'd ever own one. I would have staked my claim as a die hard gel lover.

My impressions of mousse were big crispy style 80's perms. Not the look I try to go for. But, this Curl whip mousse from Cake, may have just changed my life!

It's so light and my curls are so far from crispy it's beyond belief. A little goes a long way, so it's best to start cautiously, but I really do enough my mousse curls. I may just leave gel behind.


I only own two oils for my hair. I use argan oil regularly as a pre-wash treatment or a hair mask. Especially on my dry ends. I also have the Palmers Monoi hair oil, which can be quite heavy for my hair. So if I use it as a pre-wash treatment. I also have to use a sulphate free cleanser before co-washing. Otherwise it can weigh my curls down.

Other ways to use oil, include applying to your hands before scrunching our the crunch or layering over the crown to damp down frizz.

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