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The Curl Company Review

I'm still learning about what products best suit my hair and I love trying out new ones. Which is why I was delighted when the The Curl Company asked me to do a review.

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Over a year on the journey of recovering my curls I am still learning so much about my hair. I know now the basics and have perfected my technique for applying products and getting my hair dried without turning it into a frizzy mess.

To be honest I was a little overwhelmed when I opened the package and saw such a variety of products to try. I have learnt my lesson in the past, and I know not to go overboard when trying new products.

As it can become difficult to tell which work and which don't if you try too many in one go.

Wash day

So I kept my wash day simple and chose to co-wash with the Sulphate free conditioner £5.99. Taking my time to really squish to condish.

It smelt lovely, a little like parma violets and made detangling my hair easy. It created had lovely slippery clumps, so I suspected this would be a good wash day.

After, I rinsed it all out and squeezed some excess water out before applying the Defining Leave in conditioner £6.99 which also had the same beautiful scent. I only used about a teaspoonful as I didn't know how heavy it would be in my hair.

Next time I'll probably use a little more as my hair is so thirsty in the winter and this didn't weigh my hair down.

Finally using praying hands I smoothed over the Shape and define styling creme gel £6.99. It felt quite sticky when applying it, but once dry none of that feeling was left.

Then I diffused and root clipped. Leaving it to air dry fully.

When it was fully dry. I just took the clips out and fluffed. No need to Scrunch out the crunch as there is no crunch with the creme gel.

I must admit I am pretty blown away with the results. Sometime I have to compromise on definition verses volume. Personally I will always go for volume. But as you can see from the back view, I got a great combination of both. Yet it feels so light.

My Day two faired well too. This is straight out of the pineapple and fluffed. A little less definition but still a fab hair day in my books.

Day three and this wash and styling line up my just be my new best friend. No tangles, still smells delicious and feels thick, bouncy and lightweight.

Not yet tried and tested

I didn't include the curl lotion £7.99 in my line up as I didn't want to overload my hair. But I am looking forward to trying it out, as it says it's perfect for waves and looser curls.

Hopefully this will be good at keeping my top layer of frizz a bit tamer. Keep an eye on my instagram feed for an update on how I got on with the lotion.

You may think I have lots of hair from my pictures, but after having kids it's a lot thinner than it was. So this BAMbeautiful Scalp tonic £20.95 may be just the thing to get my denser thicker looking hair back.

It can take three months to see a difference. So I'll start now and keep you updated on instagram and youtube with a progress video.

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Darren Bourne

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

I'm trying to win this for my girlfriend who mostly washes, conditions & leaves to dry naturally but she would really love to try some specialist curly hair products to enhance & tame her ringlets and frizz.

Tee Simpson

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

It's really basic. I wash, condition and apply product. I then micro-fibre towel wrap my hair for 10 mins, then let it air dry.

Hayley Todd

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

My hair is naturally extremely curly and prone to frizz! Mousse has been my saviour, along with a diffuser attachment on a hairdryer!

CLARE davies

Thursday 2nd of January 2020

Wow your hair is fab!! Utter #hairgoals!!

I use alot of hair masks thinking my hair would look even half as good as yours!! (It never does) Curl jelly my umberto Gianni is good I've found, cant get on with other gels, ends up a sticky mess haha Still mastering my curly girl method I think x Any help I get would be great haha x


Thursday 2nd of January 2020

My curly hair routine is small Velcro rollers, a bit fiddly.

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